How to Build a Creative Home Bar?

How to Build a Creative Home Bar?

Home bars can be installed in any room of the house, you just need to put thought into the design. location, personalisation and cost.To make stunning design you need to use different party lights for home bar decor.

Dream the dream.

Let your imagination run wild, create a wish list and allow yourself to include everything you have ever wanted, designing a home bar form scratch means that you don’t have to compromise. From your wish list you can whittle down your requirements depending on your home, the space you have available and your budget. You need to consider your home bar decor, how you entertain your friends and what your personal tastes are.

Think about the cost.

You need to consider how much money you invest before you begin, installing a bar can be a quick weekend job or may involve a more in-depth building project, it is important to establish what level of work is involved and commit to the necessary budget.


Where you decide to place you bar is very important, it is no good installing it behind the back of a door that leads into the garden as there will always be clashes, neither is it a good idea to locate it at the bottom of the stairs if you have young children where noise can travel. Good locations include recreation rooms, garages, sheds, gardens, and dining rooms, but be mindful of important factors such as plumbing for sinks and power sources for refrigeration, blenders and other equipment.

It’s all about the size and shape.

Standard dimensions for home bars are about 42 inches tall and about 24 inches deep, and bars tools are around 30 inches tall, but you need to make sure that your bar is high enough for your stools so you guests can sit and drink comfortably. Popular options for home bar designs are straight, L Shape, round or kidney.

Now there is nothing to stop you browsing the internet, taking a trip to your local shops, picking up interior design magazines to help you create your home bar decor wish list, if you need any help choosing your bar there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you get started.

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