How to Have The Perfect Halloween Party

How to Have The Perfect Halloween Party

A quick search online brings back thousands of recipes for Halloween themed cocktails and party punch, but beware! All may not be as it seems, or tastes as the case may be. Fruity flavours can conceal a multitude of alcoholic sins, and you may be consuming much more booze than you bargained for.

The government recommend that women shouldn’t regularly drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol a day (a medium sized glass of wine), and men shouldn’t have more than 3-4 units (1.5 pints of beer), so to prevent your evening turning into a horror story, follow these top tips.

Avoid poisonous punch
Though it might look appetising (or maybe not), drinking party punch is a dangerous game. You don’t know how much alcohol your host has added, and there’s always the possibility that some little monster has added more, making the punch rather potent.

To be on the safe side, stick to mixing your own drinks rather than drinking someone else’s punch. After all, better the devil you know.

If you’re the one hosting the party, it’s still worth bearing in mind how much alcohol you pour into your homemade punch. If you’re too generous with the amount of booze you put in it you could potentially ruin what should be a fun and enjoyable evening. By keeping the alcohol level of your punch moderate you’ll ensure everyone has a great night and avoids feeling like death warmed up the next day.

Beware of killer cocktails
A horrifying fact about cocktails, Halloween themed or not, on average they contain two to three units – your entire daily allowance. This is because most contain a double measure of spirits, which you wouldn’t necessarily go for with a standard mixer.

If you want to stay saintly while you’re out, ask the bar man or maid to use a single measure of spirit (25ml) instead of a double. That way you’ll be able to enjoy more than one drink without overdoing the alcohol.

Keep evil spirits at bay
This tip is an oldie but a goody – alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft ones or water. Swapping your cocktail for a mocktail will keep you hydrated and prevent a splitting headache the next morning.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, make sure to lay on lots of soft drinks to give your guests the choice of avoiding alcohol. Providing alternative activities can also be a good way to prevent your guests going to heavy on the booze. This is a brilliant time to get out the party games, with apple bobbing being a Halloween classic.

Make it home before dawn
Like any good vampire, you’ll want to make it home to your crypt before the sun comes up. Make sure you do so safely by staying with your mates and not taking any unnecessary risks. If you’re on your own always take a licensed cab. If you’re out in a city you might be able to flag a licensed cab down on the street, but it’s always better to book in advance so you know you have a guaranteed way home.

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